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Stratford Employment Law Dispute

Positive employment relationships are an asset to business owners and employees alike. Dealing effectively with an employment relationship ensures that employees can assert their legal rights and owners can protect themselves legally and safeguard the reputation of their business. With successful resolution, both employers and employees can enjoy a relationship of mutual respect and loyalty.

The legal counsel at Martha Cook Professional Corporation of Stratford have years of dispute resolution and courtroom experience. Ms. Cook and her team are committed to providing employers with strategy-driven advice to resolve employment conflicts and to providing employees with effective representation that ensures their rights are fully protected.

Advancing The Interests Of Employers

Employers may find themselves the target of legal action as the result of an employee's allegation of mistreatment. Our legal counsel defends employers in legal actions, including:

  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Employment standards violations
  • Human rights claims

Standing By Employees In Employment Litigation

Faced with a distressing workplace environment or an unjustified termination, employees often feel they are alone and powerless to stand up for themselves. Seeking legal advice can give employees the confidence that their concerns are justified and that they have legitimate cause to use the law to protect their needs. A lawyer can provide a range of legal advice including the effects of taking legal action.

In addition to courtroom and mediation proceedings, many employment disputes involve regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Ms. Cook's extensive experience — not only as a litigator but also as a lawyer representing clients in regulatory matters — makes her a strong choice for employers and employees seeking legal advice.

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Our Stratford-based employment law lawyer may be the effective advocate you need. To discuss your potential employment litigation with us, contact us online or call us at (519) 275-3888.

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