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Stratford Estate Litigation Lawyer

Following the loss of a loved one, beneficiaries may disagree about the estate. Conflicts between family members and interested parties may be difficult. However, there may be legitimate reason to challenge a will, including if the document does not properly reflect the deceased person's wishes or does not provide for the people to whom the deceased person had a responsibility to support.

Martha Cook Professional Corporation is dedicated to serving clients in our local community of Stratford and throughout Southwestern Ontario. We represent clients in a variety of estate disputes.

Will Contest Lawyer

In Ontario, there are several legal bases upon which a will, or the provisions for certain individuals made from an estate, can be challenged. Among the most common reasons for challenge are:

  • Will invalidity: A will that does not comply with the requirements of the Succession Law Reform Act, such as one that does not contain a proper signature, may be declared invalid.
  • Dependant support claims: A will that does not adequately provide for certain dependants, such as a will that excludes the deceased person's dependant spouse or children, is vulnerable to challenge.
  • Capacity issues: A will or trust executed when the deceased person lacked the proper mental capacity to express his or her true wishes may be declared invalid.

Martha Cook and our team are dedicated to serving Stratford in will contests. Our lawyer is an experienced litigator who is adept at handling complex estate disputes. Part of the consultation we provide to clients is an overview of the effects of varying or invalidating a will, including how the standing of our client is affected if the rules of intestate succession are applied.

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