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Negligence And Product Liability

Individuals have a duty to act reasonably so as not to injure their neighbour, their clients, their customers or the like. Carelessness that results in physical or emotional harm, or financial losses for another party, is something the law takes seriously.

At Martha Cook Professional Corporation of Stratford, we regularly represent clients who have suffered the effects of another's negligence. We commence legal action with the aim to recover what the individual has lost because of the failure of individuals or corporations to meet the standard of conduct expected of them.

A negligence claim in Ontario can be complex, in particular if the party facing a lawsuit is part of a professional body that is committed to launching a strong defence or is covered by insurance. Martha Cook and her team have the experience and the resolve to fight for a favourable outcome for clients.

Stratford Lawyer Handling Liability Claims

Martha Cook is an experienced negligence lawyer in Stratford. Ms. Cook is dedicated to serving the Stratford and surrounding communities with high-quality service and professionalism. Ms. Cook and her team offer advice and representation in the areas of:

Our firm represents clients who are seeking redress for the harm caused by another's negligence. We also perform defence work for those accused of negligence or professional misconduct. Our lawyer's established practice is focused in large part on professional discipline, including hearings before self-regulating professional bodies.

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