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Stratford Professional Discipline Lawyer

Many professions operate on the basis of self-regulation. A college of fellow professionals sets the terms of behaviour of its own members. An alleged breach of college rules or codes of conduct results in investigative and possibly disciplinary proceedings.

These proceedings are often high-risk for the professional, who faces a tarnished reputation, fines, licence suspension or even disqualification. As a lawyer with extensive experience in this area, Martha Cook and her staff are well-equipped to provide accused professionals with a strong defence.

Experienced Discipline Hearing Defence Lawyer

Martha Cook Professional Corporation is located in Stratford. Ms. Cook has extensive experience representing professionals who face disciplinary proceedings. Prior to her return to Stratford, Ms. Cook trained adjudicators at several major professional colleges about investigative, disciplinary and fitness-to-practise enforcement proceedings.

Our firm is dedicated to high-quality legal services for each of our clients. We stand with professionals from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Regulated health professionals
  • Teachers
  • Engineers
  • Real estate agents

These cases can be complex and, like most regulatory matters, follow a set of procedures and rules of evidence unique to the body involved. This technical knowledge, in addition to strong legal skills, is key to strong representation.

Our mandate is to offer high-quality legal services to our local community of Stratford. For professionals who face discipline proceedings, having a lawyer with the experience that Martha Cook offers is usually necessary to ensure their cases are handled appropriately and the allegations against them are properly answered. At our firm, we remain committed to pursuing a positive outcome for each of our clients, including the preservation of their personal and professional reputations.

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